Herman, The Tirekicker is the 66th episode of The Munsters. It first aired on March, 31 1966. It was an episode in The Munsters 2nd Season. It featured guest star Frank Gorshin.
Marilyns car

Marilyn's Car

Marilyns car explodes

Marilyn's car explodes


Herman Munster wants to by a car for his niece Marylin Munster so he goes to a car dealership on the side of the road run by Fair Deal Dan. In reality Fair Deal Dan was a car thief and what Herman bought in reality was a stolen lemon. Shortly after reaching home the car explodes. Lily, who is mad at Herman makes him and Grandpa return the car after which Herman is arrested for being in the possession of a stolen car. Herman sees Fair Deal Dan shortly after being arrested for being drunk while driving Herman then tells the police who sold him the stolen car and the police arrest Fair Deal dan and let Herman go with Lily.

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