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Knock Wood, Here Comes Charlie
Charlie 3'
Series The Munsters
Season Season One
Original Air-Date November 19, 1964
Written By Ed Haas
Norm Liebmann
Directed By Lawrence Dobkin
Episode Chronology
Order in Series 9th in Series
Order in Season 9th in Season

Knock Wood, Here Comes Charlie was the 9th aired episode of the TV sitcom The Munsters. It first aired on November 19, 1964 as the 9th episode of The Munsters Season One.


Herman Munster's brother Uncle Charlie (who is a con man), comes to visit The Munsters at their house. His entire visit is just so that he can sell off a worthless machine that he claims extracts uranium from sea water. The Munster family falls for this ploy because Grandpa's geiger counter reads that it is uranium. Although it was uranium, Charlie had put it there beforehand and the machine really only makes sand.



Guest CastEdit


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