Under Construction
Name Gender Portrayer
Herman Munster Male Fred Gwynne, Richard Long, John Schuck, Edward Herrmann, Sam McMurray, Jerry O'Connell
Lily Dracula-Munster Female Yvonne De Carlo, Cynthia Adler, Lee Meriwether, Veronica Hamel, Ann Magnuson, Portia de Rossi
Vladimir "Grandpa" Dracula Male Al Lewis, Howard Morton, Robert Morse, Sandy Baron, Eddie Izzard
Eddie Munster Male Butch Patrick, Stuart Getz, K.C. Martel, Jason Marsden, Mathew Botuchis, Bug Hall, Mason Cook
Marilyn Munster Female Beverley Owen, Pat Priest, Debbie Watson, Jo McDonnell, Hilary Van Dyke, Christine Taylor, Elaine Hendrix, Charity Wakefield
Igor Male
Spot Male
Charlie the Raven Male
Kitty Male
Edward Howard Dudley Male
Mr. Gateman Male
Clyde Thornton Male
Yolanda Cribbins Female
Howie Buchanan Male

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