Mockingbird Lane Pilot
Series Mockingbird Lane
Season Mockingbird Lane Season One
Antagonist Grandpa (Eddie Izzard)
Setting 1313 Mockingbird Lane
Original Air-Date October 26th, 2012
Story By Bryan Fuller
Written By Bryan Fuller
Directed By Bryan Singer
Episode Chronology
Order in Series 1st
Order in Season 1st

Mockingbird Lane Unnamed Pilot was an unnamed first aired episode of the TV series Mockingbird Lane. It was aired on October 26th, 2012 as a Halloween special and may be the first and only episode of the series. The pilot is now being reviewed to be continued on as a TV series.



The Munsters move to the quiet town of Mockingbird Heights after Eddie Munster,(who is going through puberty issues of becoming a werewolf) attacks his scout troop. He doesn't remember this and after he turns back into himself he discovers that he is in the bushes naked. Then Marilyn Munster is with a real estate agent looking to buy a house in the town of Mockingbird Heights when the Munster Family is forced to move after Eddie's werewolf incident. She disapproves of 1312 Mockingbird Lane which she is shown and then turns around and is impressed by 1313 Mockingbird Lane which the real estate agent says that house number 1313 is not for sale after the murderer that lived in the house before killed hobos. She then still insists saying that it is perfect for her family and buys the house. The Munsters then move in and Grandpa and Marilyn give their new neighbors some cookies which Grandpa has put his blood on and can control people with. One of the neighbors eats the cookies and becomes Grandpa's "Blood Slave" as Herman puts it. Herman has a heart attack and Grandpa replaces it with a mechanical one, which Herman does not like and makes Grandpa repair his old one and replaces the mechanical one with his old one. Grandpa forewarns that Herman's heart will break sooner or later.