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Munster Mansion

The Munster Mansion

The Munster Mansion was the main home of the characters in The Munsters.

It resides on 1313 Mockingbird Lane in the town of Mockingbird Heights. The house was a Universal set used many times before it was in its most famous role as the Munsters house in the 1960s.
Munster mansion now

The Munster Mansion Today

The Munster Mansion's Munster decorations were taken out and the house looks as it did before the Munster makeover today.

Before The MunstersEdit

The house was built on Stage 12 in 1946 at Universal for the filming of the movie So Goes My Love. It later had a 1,000,000 dollar makeover for the TV sitcom:The Munsters.

Appearances In Film And TVEdit

  • So Goes My Love (1946)
  • Abbott and Costello Meet The Invisible Man (1951)
  • All I Desire (1953)
  • Monster On Campus (1958)
  • Alfred Hitchcock Presents, In the episode "Bang, Your Dead"
  • Leave It To Beaver
  • The Brass Bottle (1964)
  • Dragnet
  • Munster Go Home (1966)
  • Coogan's Bluff (1968)
  • It Happened One Christmas (1977)
  • The Munsters Revenge (1981)
  • Shirley (TV Show)
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • Dragnet (1987)
  • The 'Burbs (1989)
  • Murder, She Wrote
  • Desprate Housewives
  • Mockingbird Lane (2012) (house seen in background, labelled as 1307 Mockingbird Lane)

Upcoming Munster MansionEdit

Here is some brand new concept art for The Munsters remake, Mockingbird Lane. The house is much bigger than it was originally on the old show.
The Munster Mansion

Mockingbird Lane Munster Mansion concept art

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