Rock-a-Bye Munster
Rock a bye munster'
Series The Munsters
Season Season One
Original Air-Date October 15, 1964
Written By Joe Connelly
Bob Mosher
Directed By Norman Abbott
Episode Chronology
Order in Series 4th in Series
Order in Season 4th in Season

Rock-a-Bye Munster was the 4th episode of the TV show The Munsters. It was the 4th episode of The Munsters Season One. It first aired on October 15, 1964.


Herman and Grandpa are watching TV when Grandpa switches the channel to the house's camera system and they overhear Lily and Marilyn talking about a new playmate for Eddie. Herman and Grandpa assume that Lily is having a baby, in reality she was just talking about Dr. Dudley's son Elmer coming over to the Munsters house to play Saturday. Lily then goes out to a Car Dealership and buys two cars for Herman's upcoming birthday. She then tells the custom body shop to combine the two, resulting in The Munster Koach.



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