The Munsters Today
Munsters today
Starring John Schuck
Lee Meriwether
Howard Morton
Hilary Van Dyke
Jason Marsden
No. of Episodes 73
Main Directors Russ Petranto
Peter Isacksen
Main Writers Allan Burns
Ed Haas
Chris Hayward
Norm Liebmann
Producers Bryan Joseph
Run Dates October 8, 1988-May 25, 1991

The Munsters Today was a second TV series made to reboot The Munsters into popular culture. It featured none of the original cast members of The Munsters, even though Fred Gwynne was offered the part of Herman Munster for the TV series (which he turned down). Al Lewis wanted to reprise the role of Grandpa for the series but he was denied and Howard Morton filled the part instead


The Munsters Today Unaired Pilot - "Still The Munsters After All These Years" - Part 1 of 802:22

The Munsters Today Unaired Pilot - "Still The Munsters After All These Years" - Part 1 of 8

The Munsters Today Unaired Pilot

The Munsters fall into a 20 year long sleep in 1966 after one of Grandpa's inventions puts them into an ageless sleep by accident. Finally in 1988 a group of developers who want to demolish the Munster Mansion stumble into Grandpa's lab and wake the Munsters up. The Munsters then have trouble fitting in a different time and the different culture of the 1980's.

Episodes Season 1 (1988-1989)Edit


"The Munsters Today" TV intro00:51

"The Munsters Today" TV intro

The Munsters Today Opening

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