The Sleeping Cutie
The Sleeping Cutie titlecard
Series The Munsters
Season The Munsters First Season
Setting Munster Mansion
Original Air-Date December, 10 1964
Episode Chronology
Order in Series 12th in Series
Order in Season 12th in Season
The Sleeping Cutie is an episode of the CBS sitcom/comedy The Munsters. It was the 12th aired episode of The Munsters, and the 12th episode of The Munsters First Season, which first aired on December 10, 1964.


Grandpa accidently gives Marilyn a Sleeping Beauty Potion, in an attempt to cure her insomnia and she cant be woken unless she gets a kiss from a prince. The family desperately tries to find a Prince to break the spell and wake her up. They find a prince eventually who kisses Marilyn and wakes her up from her long sleep.


Guest Stars:


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